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This tool will allow you to create a customised cookieless Google Map that does not use privacy-invasive cookies. The tool will provide you with a small amount of HTML code which you can use to embed the map on your Polopoly website.

Copy your code:

Copy the code into your EdWeb HTML asset, or other website HTML article.

Finalise map

You are about to get code for this map. Once code is created, no further changes are possible. You will need to start again.

Configure your map

* = required field


Type in the address and select the correct location from the autocomplete suggestions.

Marker title:*

This is used to define the location. This could be the name of your unit or an event.

Marker description:*

Give details of why this location is relevant to the user. Think about the context of the page where the map will feature. You might want to give a more exact location, such as what floor your office is on, or service hours.

Marker URL:

If required, link to an appropriate website for this location, for instance your unit homepage.

Marker URL text:

If you include a marker URL you must include appropriate URL text. This should indicate the link destination.

Show infobox by default?

Select yes if you always want the box displaying your marker information to always be visible. (The user can still choose to close it)

Embed type

Get map code

Drag the red marker to your desired location. Zoom in to pinpoint the exact location.