The Emerging Role of the c-MET-HGF Axis in Non-small Lung Cancer Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy
6 Feb 2020, vol. 10

Bayesian bacterial detection using irregularly sampled optical endomicroscopy images
24 Jun 2019, vol. 57, pp. 18-31

Enhanced avidity from a multivalent fluorescent antimicrobial peptide enables pathogen detection in a human lung model.
10 Jun 2019

In situ identification of Gram-negative bacteria in human lungs using a topical fluorescent peptide targeting lipid A
24 Oct 2018, vol. 10

Super-silent FRET Sensor Enables Live Cell Imaging and Flow Cytometric Stratification of Intracellular Serine Protease Activity in Neutrophils
10 Sep 2018, vol. 8, pp. 13490

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