Law, technology and data-driven security: Infra-legalities as method assemblage
2 Feb 2022 in Journal of Law and Society
Research output: Contribution to Journal › Article (Accepted/In press)

Watchlisting the World: Digital Security Infrastructures, Informal Law and the "Global War on Terror"
28 Oct 2021
Research output: › Web publication/site (Published)

Transnational governance and law: Global security and socio-legal studies
4 Mar 2021
Research output: › Chapter (peer-reviewed) (Published)

The Law of the List: UN Counterterrorism Sanctions and the Politics of Global Security Law
23 Apr 2020
Research output: › Book (Published)

Guidance to States on Human Rights-Compliant Responses to the Threat Posed by Foreign Fighters
Research output: › Other report (Published)

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