Edinburgh Fire
Researching all things Fire at Edinburgh University for over forty years.

When is a (fire) test fit for purpose? When enough people believe it is. Angus Law explains... https://t.co/hztVaIf6nJ

12 days ago

Flow through porous media is super important in understanding (wild)fire spread in (natural) fuels. Our latest effo… https://t.co/YpEk6980Wp

28 days ago

Do you ever get that sinking feeling when somebody starts reciting clauses from a code or standard? They are speaki… https://t.co/2HUAYyusDu

57 days ago

How do the fuel bed properties affect fire spread in porous fuels? Find out in this video from #13IAFSS last month.… https://t.co/tBKefXI3uj

63 days ago

Due to all the Covid restrictions, our @imfse students haven't had much opportunity to see anything outside Edinbur… https://t.co/9RSZnqKoCT

65 days ago