Enhancing sustainability of acoustic architectural specifications whilst also improving building performance
Oct 2021
Research output: › Conference contribution (Accepted/In press)

Edinburgh and the n-minute neighbourhood concept; an exploratory study
(20 pages) 2021
Research output: › Working paper (Published)

Bringing pupils into building energy performance: school design, construction and operation
5 Jul 2017
Research output: › Conference contribution (Published)

Translation between existing and proposed harmonized airborne sound insulation descriptors: A statistical approach based on in-situ measurements
(12 pages) 15 Jan 2017 in Applied Acoustics, vol. 116, pp. 94-106
Research output: Contribution to Journal › Article (Published)

Multi-dimensional data fitting for the structural design of a simple timber connection
(8 pages) 31 Aug 2016, pp. 2037-2044
Research output: › Conference contribution (Published)

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